How to Play Nice With Your Nerves

I’ve worked with actors of all shapes and sizes and in every situation. Some are very famous, others just earning their chops. But they all have one thing in common: They get nervous. Whether it’s stepping onto a red carpet or walking into a callback, nerves can attack and hold you back—but only if you let them. And you’re more apt to allow them to get in your way if haven’t figured out why they happen in the first place. For years, you’ve probably made nerves the nemesis when what you really should be doing is making nice with them.  
So if you wish to start working your last nerve and not the other way around, you first need to understand why you get nervous. Next, you should learn how to manage nerves in a natural way. 
To start, you should know that nerves are good. They are a part of our body’s defense system. It works like this: When encountering a threat, there is a part of our brain that goes into high alert. Sometimes called the “primitive” brain, it triggers the “fight or flight” response. Without nerves, we wouldn’t last very long. The primitive brain kept our ancestors from trying to pet a hungry tiger, and it’s what keeps us

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